Toad Lily

K. Van Bourgondien 75038 Japanese Toad Lily (3 Bulbs Per Bag)These Japanese Toad Lilies bloom in unique shades of dusky lilac pink to almost beige and brown. 

Toad Lilies bloom in many colors with their signature dotted petals and centers, they look exotic, like orchids with an other-wordly look to them.  Japanese Toad Lilies bloom spring bulbs in the garden are fading, July to August.  They grow best in Zones 4-8 and like sun or part-sun light conditions.

Grow 24-30 inches tall.
Miyazaki Toad Lily 10 Seeds -Tricyrtis- Shade Perennial

Japanese Toad Lily 20 Seeds/Seed -Tricyrtis